SANS Membership

In the past, membership in SANS has always been fairly informal resulting in some uncertainty and confusion among people in the surf community about whether they are a member of SANS. We also receive a lot of e-mails from people asking about how they can become a member.

In 2010, SANS developed a Membership Strategy to formalize our membership program, increase our membership, strengthen our relationship with members, and improve the quality of benefits we offer our members. We tried this for a while and eventually let it go as we found that it didn't really achieve what we thought we wanted to achieve. Membership has evolved back to its loose natural state. We keep in touch with the surf community through email, Facebook, and events. This seems to be what is wanted and needed. We are an inclusive surf community and the traditional membership model just wasn't serving anyone.

Instead of a membership fee or dues, please feel free to make a donation to SANS at any time. We are a non-profit organization so every bit helps and can be put directly towards one of our programs.