Contests and the ISA

SANS Contest Series

Every year SANS attempts to hold (sometimes the ocean doesn't cooperate) a series of four annual contests.  These contests are:

The Fall Classic

Time: September to December

Location: L-Town or Cow Bay

Type: Shortboard with bodyboard division if requested

Divisions: Men & Women (18-50), Masters (50+), Boys and Girls (17 and under)

SANS's biggest contest of the year!


The Nor'Easter

Time: March or April

Location: L-Town or Cow Bay

Type: Shortboard with bodyboard division if requested

Divisions: Men & Women (18-50), Masters (50+), Boys and Girls (17 and under)

SANS's most hard-core contest of the year!  Possibly the coldest contest in the world!


The Why Can't We All Get A Longboard Classic

Time: June to August

Location: Martinique Beach

Type: Longboard

Divisions: Men & Women (18-50), Masters (50+), Boys and Girls (17-13), Super Grom (12 and under)

Great morning of longboarding on the beach followed by a BBQ on the beach!


The Point Michaud Classic

Time: August

Location: Point Michaud, Cape Breton

Type: Shortboard and longboard with bodyboard division if requested

Divisions: Men & Women (18-50), Masters (50+), Boys and Girls (17-13), Super Grom (12 and under)

SANS's most family friendly, festival like event.  Bring everyone up to Point Michaud for fun, music and all around Cape Breton hospitality!


SANS Contest Sponsorship and Partnerships
Each year SANS runs the Fall Classic and the Nor'easter with the help of various sponsors.  Generally our presenting sponsor partners are responsible for helping with infrastructure the day of the contest, assisting with promotional material and contest prizes.  Our minor sponsors generally assist with smaller prizes.  If you would like to present one of our contests, or have your company take part as a minor sponsor, please e-mail us at


ISA Worlds Qualifiers

SANS is the East Coast governing body for ISA Team Canada Qualification in surfing and bodyboarding.  At this point SANS is providing support for ISA SUP qualifiers, but not administering the contests.  Nova Scotian surfers and bodyboarders who wish to qualify for the ISA Canadian Surf and Bodyboard team can qualify through the SANS series of events.   Please e-mail us at if you would like to qualify for the ISA worlds, or if you have any questions about qualification.


Non-SANS Surf Contests and Events

Part of the SANS mandate is to be a conduit for discussing any outside events, or organizations, that will affect the Nova Scotia surfing community. Once SANS has an understanding of the details of outside events we are willing to facilitate a measured discussion in the community about the possibility of the event coming to Nova Scotia.

In some cases, such as the 2014 Life Rolls On event, SANS ended up playing an integral roll in the event.   We hope to hear from companies and organizations who are planning surf related events in Nova Scotia to better understand the scope, location(s), number of contestant spots for Nova Scotia surfers, and expected outcomes of any proposed contest or event that will affect the Nova Scotia surf community.  Please e-mail any questions or proposals

To be clear, SANS doesn't have the authority to forbid anyone from holding a surf contest or surf related event in Nova Scotia. And in any case, that’s not what we’re about. SANS is about building an inclusive, fun and respectful surf community; supporting recreational and amateur surfing; and promoting a surf culture of sustainability.