Board Members

SANS Board Members

SANS (mostly past) Board Members (Well, some of them at least.) Jessica Flynn, Keith Maddison, Chris Burbidge(now out West but coming back to us), Reed Holmes, Matt Halasz, Justin Huston, Joel Rudolph (past coordinator)

SANS President Justin Huston

SANS President Justin Huston


SANS Coordinator
Iaian Archibald

Vice President – Vacant
Treasurer – Amy Schwartz
Interim Secretary – Vacant
Webmaster – Reed Holmes
Members at Large:
Michelle Richards (Cape Breton)
Ryan Shaw (Cow Bay)
Matthew Halasz (L-Town/Graphic Design)
Jonathan Lodge (HRM)
Enrique Montoya (HRM)
Shelby Profile Pic
Shelby Lendrum (Eastern Passage/Sustainability)
Linda Thieu  (L-Town)
Jack Hillman (L-Town)
Marla Reed (HRM)