SANS Summer Longboard Contest

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Hey Everybody- I've got my fingers, toes, hair, eyes all crossed in hopes that there is GREAT surf for our annual Summer Longboard Contest. A little sunshine would be nice too, if it's not too much to ask. There are some pretty wild rumors circulating right now that this contest is going to be the most fun anyone's had in a while, with a BBQ, Beach Volleyball net, fun for the kids, free babysitting for the parents who are competing, and probably some pretty exciting fancy footwork. I know some people who have been working really hard on their cross stepping and nose riding, so I'm stoked to see the level of surfing take on new heights.

Here's the registration link again.

We're also looking for volunteers and judges. If you know anyone who's interested, tell them to email and we'll get them workin'.

SOOOOOOPER excited for this you guys. Now lets all manifest some sick waves!!! Ommmmmmm...




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    SANS Summer Longboard Contest

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