Be a mentor, and get out and surf!

Nova Scotia Sea School's Get Out and Surf ProgramOver two weekends in July, the Nova Scotia Sea School, in partnership with HRM Recreation for Musquodoboit and Sheet Harbour, will launch a new project called the "Get Out and Surf Program".

Primarily funded by the 4Cs Foundation, the project will feature 10 to 12 teenagers designing, building and "arting-up" surfboards on the Eastern Shore.

The Eastern Shore is a region of HRM with a strong community of adult surfers and artists. Yet, despite the area's abundance of surfable waves, there are few young people who surf or are involved in the surf community.

One of the two main goals of the new project will be to provide youth on the Eastern Shore, who lack financial resources and information, with the basic equipment and knowledge they need to get out and surf and benefit from the treasures available in their own backyards. [Read more...]

Wanted: Bean counter with a board

treasurer-neededAre you one of those surfers who counts waves in your sleep?

Or perhaps you are one of those types who likes to brag about how much cash you saved by using duct tape to fix a ding?

If so, maybe you'd like to be the Treasurer of the Surfriders Association of Nova Scotia (SANS).

SANS is looking for a trustworthy bean counter to take care of its books.

If you think you might be interested, please send an email to

SANS Board Meeting

board-meetingThe Surfriders Association of Nova Scotia (SANS) will be holding a board meeting on Tuesday, January 20 at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting will be held at the Nova Scotia Sea School, 2057 Gottingen Street, Halifax.

Among the topics for discussion include:

  • Identifying priorities ā€“ What does SANS need/want to prioritize?
  • Website review
  • Project applications ā€“ Focus will be on smaller projects SANS would like funding for.
  • Sport Nova Scotia application
  • Organization of contests
  • Bronze cross training
  • Guidelines and managing the relationship with Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the summer contest calendar
  • Treasurer ā€“ Who can fill this role?
  • Questions and answers

Ecology Action Centre releases beach report

ecology-action-centre-logoWith ocean-related sports like surfing exploding in Nova Scotia, concerns about beach use, access and management are becoming key issues across the province.

This week, the Ecology Action Centre has released a discussion paper about Nova Scotia's beach systems called "True Grit: A New Vision For Healthy Beaches in Nova Scotia".

Based on information gathered in 2008, the discussion paper begins by addressing shoreline management changes facing planners, decision-makers and communities.

The paper proceeds to focus on three crucial themes: [Read more...]